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About Us
Directional Surveying
Copsegrove Developments Ltd provides independent analysis, quality audit and advice on directional surveys and surveying techniques.
The scope ranges from the analysis of single wells to the analysis of all the wells drilled in a particular field or block. The level of analysis ranges from a quick look to see that all the hole sections (including fish and side-tracks) of a well have been surveyed and included in a database, to full analysis required for relief well planning. Currently over 750 wells (over 3600 individual surveys) have been analysed worldwide.
Relief Well Support
In addition, Copsegrove Developments Ltd. has been a Special Services Sub-Contractor to John Wright Company for providing directional surveying expertise for their relief well and blowout engineering services. This includes on-site supervision of the MWD and directional surveying of a relief well.
To perform the analysis, in house procedures and specialist software have been developed.
Software Development
Copsegrove Developments Ltd has developed its own specialist directional survey software for use in survey analysis and survey data management. The software is continually being improved and developed. The latest Microsoft Windows based system is for Survey Data Managment and contains survey data storage and analysis as well as integrated manuals and reference information on survey tools and analysis procedures. The latest MWD and Gyro models from the Industry Steering Committee on Wellbore Survey Accuracy has also been implemented.
In addition to its own software, Copsegrove Developments Ltd is also developing software for third parties. The software development ranges from specific calculation modules that can be integrated into other applications, to complete applications.
Procedure and Technical Manuals
Part of the work of Copsegrove Developments Ltd is in writing and updating procedure and technical manuals. These tend to be in the area of Directional Drilling and Wellbore Surveying. Another area is in compiling supplements to general software manuals to cover the specific way in which a company sets up and uses software in their operations.