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Inclination-Only Surveys
Inclination-Only Surveys do not record azimuth and hence cannot be used to calculate a well path position. Inclination-Only surveys are used to monitor the inclination trends in vertical isolated wells or widely spaced development wells. Where positional information is important the sections of a well with Inclination-Only surveys should be re-surveyed later in the drilling operation.
When the inclination in well exceeds 5 degrees surveys tools that measure inclination should be used.
Inclination-Only, undefined azimuth, survey data are common in both legacy and modern data sets. The ISCWSA Error Model Maintenance and Collision Avoidance Sub-Committees have produced a document that describes good practice for uncertainty calculations, clearance scanning, target sizing and data management purposes.


The recommendations are the consensus of the Sub-Committees and the document in PDF format is available from the following link:


Recommendations for Management of Inclination-Only Surveys Rev C.pdf (Version Dated 02 October 2015) [Opens Document in a New Window]