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MWD Error Model Revisions
The current version of the ISCWSA MWD Error Model is Revision 4.
There is an option to use the BGGM lookup tables. 
Further details and corrections to SPE 67616 are in the following document:
Document Rev.6 Updated 8-Oct-2009
MWD Error Model Rev.3
The following document MWD Rev.3 gives details of the changes required for Revision 3 of the MWD Model. MWD Rev.3 Testing gives a comparison of the Rev.2 and the Rev.3 results for the three ISCWSA Standard Well profiles.
MWD Error Model Rev.4 (OPTIONAL) 
There is an option to replace the geomagnetic parameters in the MWD error model with location specific values from the BGGM uncertainty lookup tables.
The BGGM uncertainties are on the following page: BGGM Uncertainty
Note: The use of error models with bias terms is not recommended.